Monday, August 1, 2016

May 23, 2016

Today, instead of just stating events that happened during the week, I would like to share a few spiritual experiences with you. 
Our investigator Leonardo (he is so awesome by the way)  anyway we went to his house and he shared with us his problems he is out of work and he has to do everything for the family cook dress  his 2 kids  drive  his wife to work early in the morning teaches karate and listen to us. well he sees the listening to us as a blessing. anyway as we listened to those problems we learned he is upset with god and feels that god does not care about his problems so why bother as well as he feels alone in his problems and why does what he wants not concord with what the lord wants. well we spoke to him that all people here on earth will be tried  whether  good or bad.  well then we asked do you know what you want for your kids and he told us yes and explained he wants his kids to be good people. to get an education then after he told us we asked do you know what god wants for you and he thought and well not really. then we taught him to pray. and told him be sincere tell the lord how you are feeling and when he prayed he really was sincere and he told the lord he is mad at him and he does not want to be mad at him and plead for help he asked him to help him feel that the lord is there and asked for help to help him not be mad. but what a sincere prayer. one of the most sincere i heard in my whole mission. well when we finished we asked how he feels and he said better but he wants to see things get better. when he finished the prayer he siad he does not know if the things will get better but he feels better. and he said he feels the same way when we enter his house. and when we leave he feels alone but after he prayed he committed to pray and he did until we visited him so he is progressing. 

then we did a tour of the church and when we entered the baptismal font the spirit was felt strongly. he loved how he felt..  then as a memberr testified of the holy ghost and  how we feel the influence for a short time and when we are baptized we are promised the constant companionship of the holy ghost and he knew he has to go to church. he loved the tour and how he felt.  please pray for him.      Leonardo.  and then his experiences praying were great.

then well we went to visit a less active and with one question how she felt when she prayed. and well then she opened and told us she is struggling to stop smoking and  when  they wake up to go to church just a sense of embarassment came over them. and that kept them from coming to church.  we leftthem  a thought that satan the miserable person he is tries to get them to feel unworthy to pray. and well  we shared a scripture that  reminded  them to pray.

 and well then in my studty the next day i found this : satan  and his followers try to lead us away from righteousness. He directs his most strenuous opposition at the most important aspects of Heavenly Father’s plan of happiness. For example, he seeks to discredit the Savior and the priesthood, to cast doubt on the power of the Atonement, to counterfeit revelation, to distract us from the truth, and to contradict individual accountability. He attempts to undermine the family by confusing gender, promoting sexual relations outside of marriage, ridiculing marriage, and discouraging childbearing by married adults who would otherwise raise children in righteousness.

You do not have to give in to Satan’s temptations. You have the power within you to choose good over evil, and you can always seek the Lord’s help through prayer.     (true to the faith) 
I just remind you all pray because you want to not because you have to and truly express to the lord how you are feeling. and he really will answer you. never fall for satan´s traps. stay strong. Pray always and we will win.
Love you  all 
Elder Whitworth

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