Monday, August 1, 2016

May 25,2016

25 de mayo was cool with empanadas and costumes however the best was from the dances. they brought professional dancers and others shared their talents.I participated in a skit in which I spoke terrible Spanish and I will say later more of that. 
Those pictures are probably the last ones I will have with president.
it was in zone conference and President gave us a present of a temple recommend holder. 
and told us never let us not be worthy to hold a temple recommend. and well I am working on that and well yesterday in church they talked about the temple in priesthood. So maybe it means something ?  don´t know however I am happy because we had 3 investigators come to church. Leonardo came and it was cool.(cause he liked the feeling however he said he felt uncomfortable and well we will talk with him Wednesday),  that is cause during sacrament meeting the phone vibrated notifying of a message and he wrote I totally slept in can I still come? and I wrote yes a a short while later he was there. he looked forward when we come to visit and worries when we don't come. it was cool. 

the spiritual moment  happened this morning was like this video.

and well it was like that I woke up to pray I do not remember how long I was on my knees when all of a sudden a feeling came to my heart and I felt someone was listening and then a feeling like unto a hug. For a long time not counted he nurtured a questioning soul and well this morning a feeling came to my heart and i knew he was there with assurance. I poured out my soul in prayer and the spirit was felt this morning I love this gospel and the lord I feel more with purpose.  I love you all. 
may the lord bless you and
may all your wishes come true.

Elder Whitworth

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