Friday, June 10, 2016

February 8, 2016

Monday we played volleyball. and ate pizza it was great pizza. anyway then we went back to the area went the ciber hurried to a family home evening and my comp taught.  It was neat the spirit was felt. then we went on divisions with our district leader and then the next day we had divisions with the zone leaders. It was a casual day so well it was fun . but just to see if we are okay. because our numbers went down. so we had fun. then i got to hear the conversion story of our zone leader. and wow My eyes teared up because the spirit was felt. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were just getting ready for transfers nothing really exciting. the thing exciting is transfers. I am writing from Puerto Madryn. I am in a trio with Elder Sais and Elder Neiwert they are great. For now, anyways. God has called me as a district leader. In which I stand all amazed.  I said farewell to San Martin and now I am in Puerto Madryn. and well I am so happy that instead of penguins I will see whales. anyways that's all for now. 

Love you all 

Elder Whitworth

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