Friday, June 10, 2016

Feb 1 2016

 We had a great p-day playing soccer. it was great. well almost great just add to the fact getting hit in the face. It hurt a little but I'm okay now. 
 Monday that was pretty much what we did soccer then went to the pension and left with not much success. then Tuesday was just hard. We went to visit an investigator whose name is Julia and well, she is not married but she is progressing slowly. She really wants to know more. well we were able to motivate her to to read the Book of Mormon and she accepted to do so. Then we finished and left. The only sad thing is she does not want to go to church because of her oldest son. He is an autistic so we do not know what to do. Then we went on divisions with our district leader Elder Behunin and well divisions are pretty cool. The only thing is we all go to the area of the district leader and work well it worked out and then a problem with my comp well an argument broke out and we were mad and so I prayed that something will unite us and that night  my comp discovered a rat in the pension and well we were able to unite and the next day with a few mousetraps and sticky rat stuff we caught the mouse and then we went on. Great. Just a hard  week. well then Thursday, Friday, & Saturday just tired of everything and well i talked it out and the problems worked out. Then Saturday, with a service which i will tell you well with the rest of the week . but just a brief summary. of the week .  I have to go. sorry for writing late just had not much time and heads up transfers this week so I might leave the area. So if I do not write Monday I will write another day. Thanks for your prayers. and sorry for writing  short.

 love you all

Elder Whitworth 

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