Sunday, January 17, 2016

December 30, 2015

This week was fun. We made Christmas cards for everyone in the ward and our investigators. It was fun. I liked doing those cards. but the greatest miracle of this week is that Marta, who has attended church twice and has desire to be baptized. And, at the same time, since she can´t walk, wants to receive an operation before she is baptized.
 We showed the story of John Tanner, but still she wanted to receive the operation. Then it came to my mind that God has a plan for each of us and he knows what he wants us to become. I told her that in Mosiah  24:13 it talks about how the lord remembers us and remembers we made a promise with him and the Lord says to be of good cheer: on the morrow I will deliver you from bondage. I feel that that is so true. Then we committed her to pray and ask God what is the vision or plan he has for her and if she should wait to be baptized before or after her operation. she has a lot of faith. I pray that the Lord will answer her prayers, that she knows she needs to be baptized.
 Then I got to say goodbye to my comp, Elder Campopiano on Monday and then we went to the pension, both me  and  Elder Elmer who was also waiting for his new comp. Just today we went and picked our comps up. It was challenging with a message from the zone leaders that said we need to be there at the terminal, but we had no means to pay a taxi. We went calling about, but no one would take us. So we left the pension and, as we were by the church a taxi passed by and I recently prayed and what a miracle. I was freaked out that we would not make it in time to the terminal and I was just stressed or mad. But when the taxi came, I talked my anger out of me and was calm for the rest of the trip. Then we had to pay for the taxi. What a miracle it was and well that is it for now my Companion is  Elder Michel and he is from Buenos Aires .So yeah. That is it for now. Remember God made you special and He loves you very much.

Elder Whitworth

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