Sunday, November 15, 2015

November 2, 2015

Well this week was a difficult week.

Monday we went to visit our investigators but no  one was there. We did find a new investigator lorena  in a contact and well that was it. All our visits fell.

Tuesday same story other than Alicia we visited but she is not keeping her commitments, so we left  her another commitment to read plan of salvation pamphlet and we will see what happens.  And then just a whole bunch of contacts .

Wednesday pretty much the same all our visits fell; all but Silvana. She is starting to get interested in the Book of Mormon especially about the topic of pride forgiveness and more. We taught her and left her something to read and she read it plus a bit more, so she is progressing a lot. Plus, her daughter is starting to read it and likes what she is reading .

Thursday was weekly planning and we planned the whole 2 or 3 hours and then left for lunch then we went and contacted and were able to meet the patriarch, and left him a cool scripture: Mosiah 2: 41 and he loved it and commented about how fun it was when he started in the church.

Thursday and Friday we visited a lot of less actives and we tried to invite them however, they did not seem interested: All except Hermana Robledo where we told her she needs to show her faith with her works and then we left .

Saturday we taught mission prep or the ward missionaries the lessons and they are getting a hang of it. Also I bought a cake for my comp at night a little later

Then Sunday a miracle: Hermana Robledo came to church!  My comp and I ate cake, and a partido made it hard to go out. Especially due to the tournament between Boca futbol team and so we were stuck. Oh well. Whatever. Then today we went bowling, wrote family, and that is it. So hope you all have a great day love you all but we have seen many great and bad things this week, seeing that Satan is strong, but if we have the spirit we will conquer. I love this gospel! The church is true! I love this work, for it IS the Lords work and I love it! Elder Whitworth

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