Sunday, November 15, 2015

September 14, 2015

Okay. This week was great starts with a long, few days in the office. Then the best part was that my comp and I drove out to Trelew dropping of president's car at the airport. So fun. Except the endless need to pass semi-trucks and then embarrassing enough as we were driving we passed a semi-truck and shortly nine cars in front of us drove so slow that the semi-truck we passed a few kilometers back passed us. Eventually we had revenge and passed the evil semi-truck. Don't worry. It is not evil, but yes, needless to say, we has to pass a lot of semi-trucks and cars. Great ride. Then when we got to Trelew we picked up Elders Garcia and Hunt and went to Subway and got a tasty teriyaki chicken sandwich and of course, I talked a lot with Elder Garcia while Elder Hunt told us how he and another missionary had a awkward experience with the server at subway. So interesting. Anyway needless to say they say she is cute. I respect that, but might not agree. Whatever their problem. Anyway so then we got ice cream at Del Viento, another ice cream shop better than Grido, but not as good as Coldstone. Anyway so then we dropped them off and walked through centro and got sacramentos,  those huge breads and then dropped off president's car after getting lost for some 10-30 minutes. Then, running to catch our bus (which was supposed to leave at 6:00 and left at 7:30 or something like that then getting back to Comodoro at 1:00 in the morning then having to drive to the airport drop off the asistant's truck at the airport and finally falling asleep at 3:00 in the morning. A few days of little sleep. Then, the next day, was the church worldwide service day and we picked up trash at a park.  So that for some time, Then lost looking for the dump and find it and just outrageous, nasty, burning of trash a lot of seagulls, So gross, but that is the dump. Lucky my room was not as bad. So glad. Anyways those were some of the best highlights of the week including yesterday. With a lot of wind, we left to contact. The Boca river game was on, so it was hard to find a house to visit. But things will work out.  Anyway I am learning a lot about the atonement in talks. So many blessings of the office learning to talk to many people. So great a blessing. Sometimes it is hard, but in the end it is worth it. Well, that is all I have for you. I will talk to you later hope you all have a great day. The gospel is true. This is his work. Love you all
With Love,
Elder Whitworth

This is a Sacramento

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