Saturday, August 8, 2015

July 19, 2015 Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia

I am so sorry I have not been able to write these past weeks. It just that I have been so busy, so this might be the entry for the past weeks. so we went to the museum and you saw the picture. It was great taking selfies and all that. it was cool seeing how they take care of fossils with such care

Anyway that was that week, so yeah. It was a great week teaching lessons visiting less actives and a family was starting to reactivate the Familia √Ďancurupay. I am so happy they came to church on Sunday and wow EVERYTIME we pass by the spirit is felt. It is a feeling that I can´t describe but the spirit is felt. we talked with them about eternal families and all that and the spirit was felt. Their son who is less active felt it as we talked about the atonement and how it can change our lives and remove the guilt that we feel if we repent. I testified that their is always hope and then we testified of the atonement and then left with the spirit felt. this family was a great family who I learned to love. In Trelew. I learned to love the people. It is an area I truly love and miss. Anyway that lesson was on Wednesday and then Thursday I felt like I needed to pack. and so I packed and then went on with visits with an investigator, who my comp contacted while on divisions. We talked about the restoration and the spirit was felt strongly. However he rejected a baptism date but I feel he will work hard for a baptismal date.

       Then on Friday the unforgettable I remember just as if it was yesterday. as I was finishing my personal studies  with a prayer the phone rang and my comp picked up the phone and put it on speaker i was finishing my prayer and I was shocked to hear the words of our zone leader Elder Cobabe that tell your comp to pack his things and get them over to the terminal and catch the bus to Comodoro 12:30 or 1-ish or something like that. Then I quickly packed the rest of my things and then visited familia √Ďancurupay and then headed to the terminal so then I left. And it was a long ride when I got there. 
My comp Elder Applegate was there to meet me, so then we went and put my suitcases in the truck and headed to the office. When we got there president was waiting in the car and then I got in his car with him then we went to get food. While everyone else went to order food the president talked to me about why I was there: it was because I was called to serve in the mission office as subgerente. He told me what was my duties then left. Well I was with others so I was not alone and we went to order food. I ordered a milanesa sandwich which turned out to be larger than I thought. Anyway so we ate. Then went to the pension.

 The next day Elder Dunford taught me my duties and showed me how to do things in the office. It turns out I have had a lot to do so I have not been able to write you. First of all the people finishing had a dinner and type p-day so we had to help entertain 19 other plus later this week add the missionaries coming from the MTCs of Provo and Buenos Aires, so yeah I am sorry . I guess that is not an excuse I will try to write more. Anyway It  is fun picking up the mail and sending the bolsa. (the way missionaries transport the resources or the materials to teach such as boxes of the book of mormon scriptures folletos etc. So I get to talk to people a lot. I also do the things that the others in the office do not. so yeah it is pretty cool. 

      Now I am in the office so we will see how it goes i am still new to this. anyway. yesterday we went to the grocery store and found goldfish I have not had some for about a year. I still can't believe about a  year has gone by. also we found macaroni and cheese and top ramen cheese flavor. which I am truly excited since I have not had mac and cheese or goldfish for almost a year so yeah I am truly excited for all that.also I have used a lot of tools we went to some pensions and carried fridges and washers for clothing desks tables so yeah I have been lifting a lot. and putting together tables desks wardrobe etc carrying a lot, but I do not complain because it is fun helping other missionaries by doing the work they can't so the can focus. On their work so yeah big job.  

so yeah that is how my week was heavy bolsas lifting stuff  and mac and cheese. so yeah hope all is well there in Utah and hope God continues to bless us. remember God made you special and he loves you very much and remember: I love you all. Take care
also I sent you various picture recently taken so you can decide which one to put on my plac in the ward. 
Love you all

Elder Whitworth

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