Sunday, November 15, 2015

October 26, 2015

Good afternoon to you allIts is me again. Hope you all remember ,so here I am with three weeks of training my hijo ( missionary talk)  so to start off this week was just great.

On Monday we bought more cleaning supplies again at proverduria where we bought a lot again. Then we went to our pension and made some great milanesas and then cleaned a bit more. Then it was time to write so we went to write . then went to work first visiting our investigator Ariel. Who is living with a less active anyway we talked about the plan of salvation and then we talked about the importance of baptism, one of the many requirements to  reach the Celestial kingdom and importance of being baptized by authority and how our church is the only true church which has the authority to perform baptisms and other ordinances for our salvation. We explained to Him (Ariel)  how to receive an answer and later he accepted a baptismal date for the 5 of December in which helped us finish a great day.

Tuesday we went to district meeting and talked about the importance of our goal and how to set goals. Then we talked about goals for the week where we surprised all with the one baptismal date and then with celebration that we are doing a great work. We left and ate lunch, where we cooked again spaghetti and hot dogs then we went to work contacting and we passed by a contact we had done earlier that week so we taught outside. Her name is Alicia. We explained to her the plan of salvation and she understood and accepted a baptismal date for the 5 of December. Then later at night we were contacting and I felt we need to knock on a door and we knocked then we learn her name is Silvana and we fixed a visit for the next day then went back to the pension. 

On Wednesday we went to visit Silvana and leaned she has 6 daughters living with her and  2 of those are hers the others are hijastras anyway as we taught, Silvana listened. One of the daughters was present, yet she did not participate. However, Silvana accepted a baptismal date for the 25 of November. And then we visited a few less actives which were not there then, with some contacts, we went to the pension to finish the day.

Then Thursday we had lunch with familia Figueroa and there son is less active. However, his girlfriend was there and she listened. she hurried so we do not know what happens with her. Then another contact. His name is Ramon. He is so cool. He let us in and we talked about his family and work. And when we moved the couch made of wood I kid you not the wood snapped out of place and a fight with a wooden couch began. They are from Colombia, close to Cali in Colombia. Then we talked about the restoration and soon he and his wife were interested and then they accepted a baptismal date or fecha for the 25 of November. And then a long day of contacts then went to the pension .

 Friday was a day to never forget. Well, not really. A fight with the suit case because our pension is going to be repaired and so all morning with the suitcases then we went did some contacts then called around and received a ride to take us and all our stuff to the pension a good 10 extra minutes further anyway then we settled and cleaned and left to contact.
 Then on Saturday we had a service all morning picking up trash with the other zone in kilometros and then we went to visit our investigators to see if they would come, and when we visited Silvana her daughter invited us in and we said we could not. yet we talked by the door and she told us how she is reading the Book of Mormon along with her mom and she wants to know which is the true church so we will see. Her name is Florencia and she is 14, and she told us that she is not baptized. Anyway, then we finished and encouraged her to keep reading and happy to say all our investigators are reading and praying. Now we have to help them recognize the answer so hope they will and learn for themselves so this week was full of miracles and blessings. Then  yesterday we visited Ariel and he is motivated to learn. It is just his pareja that needs motivation and they will make great, strong converts. Anyways.Then we went to the pension early due to elections here and then we traveled to various parts of the city to find a police station to receive a exempt from voting certificate for my comp and then we were in the pension. So well that was a great week full of blessings and we pray for them always. Anyways. Hope you all have a great day and remind you that God loves you all.I love it! This work IS true! Love you all 

Elder Whitworth 

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