Sunday, November 15, 2015

October 19, 2015

This week was  ONLY full of services and a lot of visits to less actives. just kidding I will go into the details. 

Monday we played soccer in which I learned my comp plays so goood. Then we went to buy food and went to the store, La proverduria it is so expensive the place but it is close to our pension so we buy food and stuff there and don´t worry I bought cleaning supplies so i get reimbursed for that so I should be good anyway then my comp felt sick and then we went to the pension and he slept for a while however he snores and we will see if it will go well but I just love him anyway.  

Then Tuesday we left to go the the chapel far from our pension to have a mini zone meeting which was short it was just a get to know you meeting then  we talked about goal we have for the zone then separated into our districts and we talked more about goals as a district and activities and how we can improve that day I was so tired so it felt boring. Then we talked about divisions with our district leader and then he told me to prepare and let my comp know, which we did then walked to the pension and  grabbed a container. Here, for some reason, they call it taper and then we went to the church and ate lunch which we ate fideos con tuco a type of red sauce with noodles or spaghetti, or pasta with chicken, which was so good that I forgot to to bring my camera for that. Then we contacted and fixed visits and then at night apparently a lack of communication which my comp was hurried with another missionary and we started divisions.

Wednesday morning we woke up, did studies and everything, and then we left the pension.  Just as we left Margarita, the mother of a recent convert, Oscar called us and asked if we have almuerzo and we said no and so she said she will prepare something. Then we left the pension and did a good bunch of contacts which we have a few potentials so we will see about that. The contacting was long, needless to say. Yet it was fun going up the hill then down the hill then uphill again, so I hope you can picture my area: a lot of hills. Then we had almuerzo which we ate a little bit of what Margarita made then we mad mac and cheese which was so good. The taste of the cheese the taste of cheddar from kraft yet the stench of the restroom was unbearable because always the urge  when nature calls and then we left to contact a bit more. we tried to pass by citas we fixed, but sadly they all fell. Then we found each other in the chapel in time for ward counsel, in which we discussed activities planned for next week, which on Saturday a party for mothers day here in Argentina which is to be celebrated yesterday but they wait til the next week to  have an asado or meal anyway after that we went to the pension.

Thursday, talk about time that flew away of a day was taken away. First in the morning we had  weekly planning which was nice and long with a lot of participation. Then, due to a marriage that the ward dedicated itself, we picked up almuerzo in a vianda which was a really good chicken tasty sauce and all. Then we left to go to a tsunami which was long way away close to Wal-mart in Roca, where my comp took a while teaching a evangelist about the Book of Mormon with a different missionary, where he placed a Book of Mormon and testified. Then we went back to our area and then hurried to correlation meeting and talked about an activity or idea we had for Halloween.  Since our mission leader was not there due to a broken car, he said over the phone the 13th of November  because it apparently is a day of bad luck and we left it like that and hurried to the pension.

Friday and Saturday were days of pain... Well, not really it is just two services in those 2 days with yard work, which was long. We had to dig out tree stumps and we worked hard. With the help of a sledge hammer, a shovel and a pole we did it. Then, later that day my legs were just sore from walking up and down the hill. Then we put a lotion for muscle pain. Too bad there is no tiger balm here because the stuff I put stung bad like a burn! As you walk, and oh, what a tortureous day walking with burned feet. it didn't burn just that it hurt. I put it on my feet these past 2 days and well, I am alive today.With walking like that up and down the hill those next days. Our area is fun all about hills.  So we walked. As we were going downhill, we found ourselves with an old investigator who said he is member, but I do not know so we will visit him later today. Then we fixed a few visits then up the hill. Because we had to give a class in elders quorum, we hurried up the hill and prepared the class then received a ride downhill then went to the pension that night. Heads up this happened both these days so there are miracles here. Then well, Sunday we went to church and taught the class and it was great. Very few there, but it turned out good. A lot of participation. Then we had Sunday school which is sunday school; what more can I say? and then sacrament meeting where our stake president talked about  mothers in proverbs 31:10-11, and 29  happy mother's day from Argentina and love you all 

Elder Whitworth

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