Saturday, August 8, 2015

Dinosaur Museum! July 6, 2015

I took so many pictures at the museum this morning i hardly have space on my memory to put all that. because we sent to the dinosaur museum it is so cool. there is so much cool stuff the pictures explain the fun of it. anyway the coke is funny because it has a name on it. it says "tu hermana" and it is cool .so i thought i would take a picture. and well, I took it. I had no intention to offend so hopefully it goes well  so yeah that is with the coke and all. we had 11 lessons this week 4 in a day and so i am really happy about that. and we showed meet the mormons with a few less actives and the spirit was felt strongly more than any other. especially with the familia √Ďancurupay. they are so sweet. they want their grandson to get baptized but the grandson does not want to. he has attended church a lot this week we hope to have him baptized his name is Thiago. and he is great. please pray that we know how to help him. this is my last transfer here in Trelew. and I am working hard. sometimes the spiritual experiences stop because of food but we have confidence with the members. and that is good. what a way to celebrate the fourth of July watching a partido de futbol argentina contra chile copa america Final. anyway Argentina lost, but it was just a game first time for Chile: good for them. happy independence day or happy birthday america the united states of america. how blessed we are to live in such a nation may it be great for all of us and continue to be free. well yeah that was our week and we had great lessons and hope to progress in all that . but yeah I love you all sorry. my time flew by so fast. take care love you all
 i might not be able to  write next week we will see. enjoy the pictures.
love you 

Elder Whitworth 

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