Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8 2015 - June 15, 2015

Jun/8/15Su nombre es Elde Castillo de Uruguay. up to this point all my comps have been latinos what a blessing. my first comp was Elder Sanchez from Panama, second comp was Elder Figueroa de Argentina Mar de Plata, third was ELder Garcia de Medellin Colombia, fourth was Elder Baez de Cuidad de Este Paraguay, y mi compaƱero es Elder Castillo de Paysandu Uruguay with no repeats it looks great. he wants to work and works.Thanks for the package I got to see it on Saturday Meet the Mormons during lunch in our pension it is good. i like that movie. after we watched it  I remembered our ward we are planning a movie night on june 27 we were planning to watch Meet the mormons but we did not have with faith we planned that we will be able to watch on the 27 and well it came with  the shoes in perfect timing.
 the ward mission leader was stressed we might not get it so talk about promptings of when you sent it. it was perfect timing turns out it might be a stake activity. so it is going good the planning. we are going great. my comp is super funny. we have joked around everyday is is so cool. he has a great story. anyway this week I was with the zone leaders till Tuesday and then my comp came about 12 in the afternoon. then we went to work visiting people. it turns out he also had to learn things himself , so we get along  fine. hope all goes well. and yesterday we got to talk with a  active but affected by family. And then they served us malta like hot chocolate then i served by washing the dishes and then we saw that we gained the confidence of the family. so hopefully we can raise the area. but yeah that was our week so far. hope the dedication of the 15th temple in Utah, Payson was so spiritual.
 well that is all i have for now but yes my comp is awesome my scripture is Alma 29:9 for my plaque well I will look for pics love you all
Jun/15/15Thanks so much . this week we worked hard it was hard at first because both me and my comp were a little bit meaning a lot of bit prideful. so we were in a rough argument. but after we were able to find a solution to the problem. thanks to the talk of President Benson beware of pride.
but yeah i mainly learned about pride this week and that i need to be more humble . this week was mainly focused on humility. so i learned a lot. but yes i learned in zone conference importance of open questions also how important it is to personalize the lesson or make it personal for the investigators. we also talked about importance of covenants and being there for the rescue of the people. it is called bring them in. the rescuers. of the martin and willy handcart companies.
 I know that i am called to the rescue. i will strive to    find  those chosen ones. a less active family i know has a father  who has strayed from the path  and he is not married but is baptized. and they live together. the family marilok . the father did not receive a true testimony and all he wants to do is fight. so as we taught by the spirit he denied it. what can i do.  all are special in the sight of the lord. thanks for the videos messages I have been touched. it is great. may god continue blessing you all. love You
Elder Whitworh

Take Care.

Elder Whitworth

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