Monday, June 8, 2015

June 1, 2015

I hope you are all great. this week we were not able to go to work as much because my comp is leaving. so most of the time i was on divisions . so I worked in Rawson and my area. we are so in tune with the spirit it is so incredible. i may have entered the temple a little prideful but on the mission I have humbled myself. humbled myself enough to feel the spirit. I have my comp´s trust and it is cool. On divisions I was able to serve taking apart a bookshelf and load a truck with stuff.  then as we were visiting one I did not know what he needed all I knew is that he was sad then I started teaching the plan of salvation  and then inviting him to keep the word of wisdom and then afterwards he accepted a baptismal date and then we left i was just marveling at how incredible it is to feel the spirit. then we had a Noche Blanca with the other zone and it was great I am going through the emotions that my comp a friend left. i miss him so much anyway that was my week as well as the fact I have 10 months on the mission it passes so fast hope to hear from you soon love you 

Elder Whitworth

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