Thursday, July 16, 2015

June 29th

 This week was great. We had a regular week I am sorry it was regular: just contacting and that. Then on Wednesday a miracle happened. We went to contact and on a door we knocked. They let us in.Her name is Rosa. She let us in and we entered and talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how the atonement helps us in life. And so it was cool how we talked about baptism and how it cleanses our lives. Then she accepted a baptism date. What a miracle!

      Then later we passed by a contact and talked about the Book of Mormon and how it relates with the atonement. well understanding it and the contact accepted to read it. That's how. Oh how i hope she reads it because the spirit was felt so strongly in that lesson. We finished that day with 5 lessons a record in a day. Especially with my comp. so yeah.

    Then Saturday. was great because we had a Noche de Cine and we watched Meet the Mormons sadly it did not read my DVD, but someone has it on a USB and we watched it. It was special the last part especially because the story of the mother and her missionary.  It was a great success because a lot of less actives came and a few non members family of less actives and they might be investigators of us. We will see.

      However, the spirit was felt so strongly not to mention the mess of popcorn afterward. which was great.. because we had to clean up and hurry to a baptism in which i was asked to serve as witness and see that the baptism was performed right. there were 2 baptisms. The first went well and the second was a convert missionary baptizing and he had to baptize the guy 7 times. I thought about how I baptized Brianna, making me feel the spirit.  

    Also today I saw Elder Garcia. He says hi. Take care love you 

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