Sunday, June 7, 2015

May 4, 2015

the week went okay. i mean it was okay because we got to teach people. anyway I was happy when our district leader invited us to do divisions and I got to contact a person and we taught them then we tried to place a baptism date and they said no her name is Norma she lives with her husband and they have been married for 43 years she married at 15 years of age.  Anyway she is so sweet. we just need to explain baptism a little more. and then after that then we went for another day and did divisions a few days later. and I got to go to Rawson it is still in Trelew it is just a good 40 minutes away. anyway the week was long then on Saturday we went to contact in the morning in the cold rain. we got a few. The majority did not want anything then our diligence, we found a house where they said come another day. It was for a tsunami all the missionaries in a zone contact in a struggling area. We did that in the rain at 10 in the morning then I left to Rawson in the rain and it was cold. i wore the two piece coat because it was too cold. anyway when we got there our coats were drenched we could not find our way to lunch then, we chose to knock on doors to ask around then a guy attended us and said it is a long way then he closed the door next he said was get in the car I will take you. He is not even a member but was kind to take us so maybe if it is raining some hearts are willing. We will see. We ate asado and pasta then we said goodbye then we went our way. then we went to a house where we explained the restoration and they accepted a baptismal date for May 30 it seems cool all that happens but not in my area i seem to wonder. but maybe I have a different purpose here in Trelew. who knows? Only the Lord. Then we went to a house and talked about food for the whole time. Then we talked about fishing. It was long. Then we left saying our message is like fresh fish then we left. the main spiritual moment I had this week was visiting a less active who has been excommunicated for 10 years but normally I am nervous about when I teach but it felt as if the spirit threw the words into my mouth and we explained the importance of going to church and the atonement. and well I saw he was crying and as I bore my testimony I just about started to cry then we bore our testimony and said prayer and left he hope to be re-baptized next year. Hopefully he can. The best part of it all is not this Sunday but next Sunday we get to go to the dedication of another temple in Argentina in Cordoba I look forward to that. And I look forward to one someday in the Patagonia. the church is true I have no doubt about it.

Elder Whitworth 

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