Sunday, June 7, 2015

April 27

This week was filled with difficulty. We contacted all week and not many opened the door, so we went looking at the references given to us by our zone leaders.and not many wanted anything so we went contacting. It is a little frustrating I sometimes feel what did i do wrong? And then I give myself to much prayer remembering it is never easy. then submit myself to the lord . We visited the home of a less active who started questioning the church because of its limitations. He says he does not want his life run on limitations because he does not have a strong testimony of the church. We are going to visit him today to help him strengthen his testimony or help him obtain one. His family are  all members and his parents are sealed. so pray that we can know what to say.Sometimes we focus on what we want to say and then you forget and then we struggle and that happened to me. Anyway then my comp hurt himself again. This time on the back and so we could not leave much because he was hurting. Then yesterday was the best experience because we were able to leave the pension to work and we were able to take the sacrament to a member less active who got mad because none of the members brought her the sacrament . Well, we brought it to her and she was truly grateful. This time as I offered the blessing on the water I felt a peaceful feeling testifying that I am worthy. It is sad here there are not many worthy men to help and so often they call on us to help, and I feel it is a pleasure to help. May we all strive to stay worthy to bless and administer the sacrament and to partake of it worthily. I hope we all can because when we partake we renew those covenants. and our stake president here said we all need to partake of the sacrament to receive a remission of our sins. i hope you all will be okay and may God bless each and every one of us. Thanks for the Jolly Ranchers and Kit Kats: american candy: what I have not seen in a while.
 I love you all so very much. May God bless you.

Elder Whitworth

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