Monday, June 8, 2015

Hit in the Face

It was great last week on Sunday being able to Skype with you. I was glad being able to feel all your love. As well as being able to see all your beautiful faces.I was so glad. anyway enough of the excitement on with the day. or the week. It was great because it helped what we talked about thanks for the story. it helped me to keep going. anyway then my comp got sick so I stayed in the pension. however I learned how to use the oven and the stove. I learned to fry milanesas. and other things. Then on Thursday we had interviews with the president where he explained how it would be the dedication. He also explained if we work with all our hearts we would obtain a forgiveness of our sins. I feel that is true, and I learned a great deal of humility because I read a lot of talks about humility such as President Benson on beware of pride. It really hit me hard. I realized the importance of being humble. and then realized you can´t trust in the lord if you are prideful. I learned basically that. and the importance of being aware where you are. we were walking to our next appointment and a person came and asked me for the phone he stuck hands in my pockets I told him I do not have it then he hit me and my comp. in the face. Then he left. Do not worry I am okay. No need to worry. Anyway then we went on with our visits .I felt the Lord was aware of me in that moment. Then on Saturday we went to the broadcast of the cultural celebration  of the temple of Cordoba. It was so cool. Then the next day we went to the dedication. The transmission of the cornerstone ceremony and the dedication. It was neat. then feeling a outpouring of the spirit. well then that was our day. And we woke up today with no power. so yeah it was neat. hope to hear from you soon. well take care. Alma 34 

love you all

with all love 

Elder Whitworth

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