Monday, June 8, 2015

May 25, 2015

This week was filled with miracles we were able to work more efficiently and with the spirit. we taught lessons. . you start seeking faith and then with the spirit you start speaking words you never thought you would say. it  the miracle was going to visit one from the area book and we taught him by the spirit. we were able to testify of the first vision and he felt it was true . his name is Lucas . He accepted a baptism date for this Saturday the 30th of May. We have a few things we need to teach him so pray for me and my comp to tell him the things he needs to do. He is convinced.  Lucas went to church with us yesterday and he used to go a few years ago by himself .  . He is so amazing. Hope he makes it. This will be my comp`s last baptism of his mission. Pray for Lucas that he will  follow through with his commitment to pray. Pray for him that he may make it to his day. The ward has only 1 young man to bless the sacrament and we need more young men and Lucas is the age of priest. Pray for him. We need to teach a few things. but yeah. also on friday we ha an awesome talent show as a ward activity. some people brought talents so cool. a young girl sang it was cool. then the hermanas sang the song "I have been changed for good," in spanish! It was cool. anyway I hope you all have a great day 
love you all,

Elder Whitworth

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