Monday, April 13, 2015

The awesome P-Day

 Last week we had an awesome p-day in Trelew. We started by eating an asado, which my comp and I forgot to bring plates, so we ate with bread and it spilled a lot of grease on my arm. I am okay, but It seems as though that was attractive to the bugs so I received a lot of bug bites. And then we played steal the flag. The hard part was the other team had most of their team in a place where all the tagged people go. We could not get to their flag because it was high up in a tree. Then, after we were given a scripture or a story of the book of mormon, we were split up into teams and came up with awesome reenactments of the story. Then afterwards we got to share our testimony with those in our zone. It was spiritual.
Then we packed up and went back to the pension, and back to work. We went to contact some people, but it seems as though no one wants to listen. Recently, I finished a fast that we can find the chosen ones. Continue with your prayers. I now have come to the realization that I am no longer in Utah, where everything is about the church and home-teaching and things like that.
 I really miss the temple more that anything. As President Monson announced those temples I was hoping he would announce one in the Patagonia. but it did not happen.
 However I was not sad because I know we will. We are so close we just need the support of the members and we will get it. Also, pray that we can. Hope all goes well. It has been a long week where we knock but no one opens.
 We did get to go to a baptism of a member of Elder Baez´s old area of Progresso in Trelew Norte. Well my trainer Elder Sanchez volunteered me to conduct the hymn and I was asked to lead a song I accepted then the music leader came just as I got up. Then, a baptism came and the baptizer did it with the left arm to the square. twice. Then, when he was about to change, Elder Sanchez told the bishop the baptizer did it wrong and the witnesses said he did it good. We then realized the reason why it seemed right was because the witnesses looked at the mirror. Then after talking he did it right, but the next time he let his feet kick out of the water. Then the fourth time it was okay. It was the witnesses' first time witnessing. He recently had been ordained an Elder. The baptizer had a good heart. He was friend of the kid whom he was baptizing. It was neat. I felt the same way when I baptized Brianna twice, but It was in my heart the love he had for his friend. I testify that the Lord loves his children. May all go well. I ca´t send pictures today but I will soon. I still have not seen penguins, but I hope to see some soon. May you all have a great day. Thanks for the Easter package. I really like to decorate eggs. ;) no I am just kidding. I really liked the bunnies. It was cool. I shared with almost everyone  in my zone. Have a great day. Well that is all I have for you today. Remember: God made you special, and he loves you very much.goodbye!
Elder Whitworth  

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  1. Hey! Does this happen to be Richard Whitworth, son of Brian and Cynthia??? This is Valerie from forever ago. :) I was just thinking that since Alex is on a mission and Richard is about the same age that maybe he was too, so I searched his name. I haven't seen him in a long time, but the photos look like it could be him. If I'm a stranger to you, sorry! Best of luck to Elder Whitworth.