Monday, March 23, 2015

Trelew Week Two

I could not bring my camera because some parts are dangerous.
Anyway, this week was unusual. On Monday my comp got hurt playing soccer, so we spent most of the day in the pension. 
Then on Tuesday we had a great district meeting mainly because I learned latinos are so much better in a scripture chase. :) After that we did divisions with the district leader. I got to go with the new elder for a day .We did a few contacts. We did 52 in a day then fixed 7 new appointments, and 8 potential investigators. 
Well: This week did not go as planned. On  Wednesday morning my comp woke up sick. He was not feeling well all week, and it makes it harder with feriado, which is a vacation. 
It was a long weekend. they have a feriado for whatever reason. anyway my comp was sick all week and we do not know for what it is. We went to a hospital to see what it was, but we could not be attended due to feriado. In the hospital system, we have to get a turn when they can see us, and they said they could not give us turns until Wednesday. Feriado seems long because everything is closed for  most of the day... anyway, during the night Elder Tyler our zone leader  called to see if I wanted to do divisions with him mainly because his comp was sick. So we went to work on Saturday and we did a few contacts. However one contact accepted a baptism date. I know the Lord knows who we are in whichever the circumstances. He love us all each and every one. I have had the time to learn more about my Savior this week. I feel like I have gotten to know him better.
Love you all

Elder Whitworth

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