Monday, March 16, 2015

1st week in Trelew

            This week was great. We went to get ice cream at Grido . That was fun. Then we went to drop off Elder Alvarez at the terminal so he could go to Comodoro to train. Then the next day we went contacting the rest of the day. Then the next day my comp got sick so we stayed in the pension and I got to meet Elder Alvarez's' missionary that he would train. His name is Elder Molina and he really cool. Then I went to contact with him. Elder Molina is a convert to the church about two years and it is incredible how much he knows!
            Anyway it is really hot up here in Trelew. The temperature reached about 89 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday. ​the temperature is in Celsius here. On Saturday we went to the baptism of a member baptizing their daughter and I thought about how I baptized Brianna. It was really cool. 
          Then we went to contact and we knocked on so many doors in a rich neighborhood. Most of them would not attend us because there was a partido de futbol there. It was between Boca and someone else. The name of the teams are cool. Anyway most of the houses attended us by a speaker at the door like a microphone attached to the doorbell. Then you could talk in the microphone when spoken. It was hard.
          Then the last door we knocked on let us in, and as we we about to teach they had to leave, so we did not get to teach. We almost had a few new investigators, but then they had to leave, so we did not get to teach. However we did get to visit a few less actives.

         Then we went back to the pension. I also got to teach a lesson in zone meeting. The fear is starting to leave me. Anyway I am in a ward that has the meetings in a different order. First there is priesthood meeting or relief society. Then the next meeting is Sunday school. The last is sacrament meeting. Our bishop is pretty cool from what I have seen. Anyway that is all I have for you all today.

Elder Whitworth

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  1. Didn't know if a comment i just send went through, but I'm proud of you, man! You're doing amazing where you are! I can't wait to hear more about your experiences!