Monday, March 2, 2015

Cabo Domingo

Today we went to Cabo Domingo it is pretty cool. It was a long hike but it was fun. The wind and rain was strong as well. We had a open chapel night on Saturday night and I was dressed in white. I got to teach with my comp Elder Garcia about what we missionaries do. We taught about the importance of baptism and the lessons. There was a lady who asked how long do you have to be in the church to get baptized. We said to her that she could get baptized after she has attended church 3 times. She seemed very interested. Also we did contacting this week. We had a tsunami in our area. Note: a tsunami in mission terms mean a bunch of missionaries and talk with a lot of people. We did so much better this week. I am starting to get sad because I have had 3 transfers in Rio Grande and I do not want to leave. A transfer is 1 month in a half in an area if you have 3 transfers you have 4 months and a little in the area . Usually we are allowed 3 transfers in an area. You might get 4 if you are lucky. anyway my time has passed by so fast here in Rio Grande. I do not know where I will go next but I have a testimony that the lord knows. I got to bless the sacrament again it was  a great experience to know I am worthy. We did so much contacting this week and it seems to be working. We found some people that we can teach. Hopefully they want to progress. Pray that we can find the one that are ready to receive this message. All of us need a friend and I am glad to have one with my comp as well as our Savior Jesus Christ. I know that to be true. I have 7 months on the mission. It is incredible how fast time passes. Talents, they come in good use. I got to sing at a viewing of a kid who is the son of one of our investigators. We sang as a district Mas Cerca Dios de ti. I really felt near my Savior. At that moment. I learned a really important lesson with my comp. We went to do the legal paperwork and then my comp said the kid died. Well, I wanted to continue with the paperwork then he said, "We are here for the people." When we went to the viewing and sang I understood more better. I did not come because they needed me but because I needed them. I felt more closer to the Savior that day and had a spiritual experience. I know as a truth that kid is back with God. he was only a baby and has returned with God. What a beautiful truth to know that we will see our loved ones once again, that one day we will rise again. The church is true. 
Love you all,

Elder Whitworth

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