Monday, February 16, 2015

Comps and pics

Last week on Tuesday My comp and all the leader meaning zone leaders and district leaders went to Comodoro by bus. and so I waas in a Trio with Elder Clark and Elder Housley. Elder Clark is From Draper Utah working in Area Chacra. Elder Housley is from Centerville Utah  He is working in Barrio Austral. We worked in my area and had an Asado for Dinner. Oh it was good . Then the next day we worked in chacra and ate sandwiches de milanesas for lunch. Then we did some contacting then went to play futbol at the chuch with investigators of Elder Clark. That is where I broke my shoe. Then we played ping pong for a little bit, then I got the chance to give a blesssing to a member in Chacra. Oh it was amazing how you feel the spirit as you place your hands on heads and speak words of salvation that bring miracles. Then we did contacting in Austral the next day and our comps came back later that day. I found a cool setting on the camera that lets you take 4 pictures and put it in 1 picture. I love this camera. anyway the next day we worked hard contacting and then the next day we went to Ushuaia. We had a conference with Elder ViƱas of the seventy and he spoke about having your own spiritual experience of receiving your own remission of your sins. I had  a spiritual experience as I partook of the sacrament . I felt a sense of peace and knew that the lord forgave me.I ivite you all to pray on Saturday night a look at the whole week and pray and ask forgiveness for anything you did during that week . be sure to be specific of thing such as buying on Sunday last week or not prayin

g. I promise you will have a experience that you will never forget. I also invite the ward to do so. if they want. Most missionaries return home because they do not understand the atonement. I am beginning to understand the atonement better and better. I so invite you to share your experience. the Church is true.  I love it with all my heart.

Love you all.

May God bless each and everyone of you

Elder Whitworth

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