Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Third Transfer

Life is getting better. We are in a new transfer meaning I have 6 months now. Wow, how the time passed by so fast. I am in my third transfer in Rio Grande. To start the week we had a service with brother Castillo in the branch we pulled weeds in the rain. which was fun until the next day. I woke up and was not feeling well. I was sick with the cold. here it is called gripe. and so I was in bed all day . I called the medical specialist and she told me to stay and take a day off. do not worry I am feeling better. The next day I used a machine to cut a hole cement to make a space for a window. I learned that I have more strength that I thought I had. then we had another service where we pulled weeds. It was a the home of one of our investigators. that wind was cold. we also had a week ago a day that reached 28 degrees Celsius. It was hot that day. the rest of the  week it was hot. then last week it was pretty good. it passed by really fast . then on Saturday we were contacting and no one opening the door until we knocked once more and a man opened the door and let us in. we talked about how his life was and how he wants to have a family forever. he accepted a baptism date  for the 28 of February and we will see what happens . Know this: that we prayed that morning that we would find someone to teach and god answered it before going to eat lunch with members. I have a stronger testimony that God answers prayers.thanks for all your prayers keep praying. The church is true: I have no doubt about that. Greetings to all.

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