Monday, September 1, 2014

Caleta Olivia Week 3

Hello all,

Today it's been raining all morning and I do not know if it will stop
this week we got eating utensils, and the last few weeks we have been eating our food with our name tags.
Good news is that I am not dead and not a single dog has bitten me this week! We went tracting near our pension and met a lady (named Martha) who received the missionaries 19 years ago and she accepted an appointment for the next day. 
We found another lady who is the sister of our district president, President Castro. she received the missionaries, but didn't get baptized. She accepted an appointment for two days later. 
The youth of our ward invited us to play padle, tennis with large rackets. It was very fun even though it was hard. When Saturday Came, we were in charge of the MMT (Missionaries, members, and temples) activity.
 We did a night of group games like Jeopardy ,and some relay races. they all liked it even though it was very competitive.
We went to visit the Sosa Family and also to teach the the importance of  marriage, but the one who we were going to teach, Escaped .Please keep praying for the Sosa family And pray for the Chambi family.
And do not worry about the dog: it wasn't serious.

 I love you guys. Have a beautiful day. 

Elder Whitworth

Richard Whitworth
Casillla DE Correo 167
Fray Louis Beltran 75
Comodoro Rivadavia
CP 9000
Chubut Argentina

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