Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 4


How are you ? My companion is from Panama. he is great. I need your prayers to be able to speak. They speak Castellano and it's not very easy, but I have a testimony of the gift of tongues, which is a gift from God.
 On Saturday our district had a Baptism and what a marvelous spirit we felt to see the ordinance performed by our branch president.  Also, on Tuesday we had our zone Conference with the president, and Friday with our Zone. 
We spoke of the importance of Obedience and sacrifice and the importance of keeping our dates . We're almost near the date: we just need them to attend church! 
We found a couple more investigators and they are very good and kind. On one visit we spoke about the power of prayer for a man whose name is Carlos and he wants a change in his family. He cried when we finish praying. With the spirit present, we left him a copy of The Book of Mormon. Keep praying for these families and I wait to hear from you guys soon. I love you guys and Have a Great Week I forgot the cable again, so no pictures.Sorry!

 With Love,

Elder Whitworth

. The creature in the old picture is a live chicken. One of our investigators loves to hunt his name is Pancho, and he has a daughter serving a mission in Brazil. Today is my P-Day. The food here  is great. I have loves most  of it. I had pizza yesterday for lunch. Plus the picture is in the home of Pancho. he loves to hunt if I did not mention that already.  the internet is slow here and the keyboards tend to freeze. There are so many dogs here and they love to bark. Hope you have a great day. Love you and Miss you

Elder Whitworth  

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