Monday, August 25, 2014

Dog Attack

Hello Everyone

How are Things Back in Utah?

Here in Argentina it has been raining so much. 
I have finally learned some dogs here in Argentina are born vicious and ferocious. 
It was Friday and we were walking to an appointment when Elder Sanchez looked  back and saw a dog coming and told me to look out for the dog. It was a small puppy. I turned just in time to see a little puppy start to bite my socks.and I was terrified. I heard it growl and it was only for a few seconds. It was weird because I felt nothing at first, but as we walked on, it started to hurt. Then the pain started to climb every inch of my body. And then when I got to my pension I fell asleep. I think all I needed to was rest because the next day I felt better.
Sunday, I sang a musical number. I was a little nervous, but in the end it turned out well. The spirit was there. 
 One great experience was when we taught the Famila Chambi and we taught a powerful lesson.
 The spirit was there. it was about the importance of baptism. When we invited them to be baptized they said no. This is because the dad has a problem with the Word of wisdom. We were so close to having a baptismal date set. Then we are also getting close with another Familiy. They are Familia Sosa. The problem is marriage. The lady wants to get married but the man wants to wait. The lady has been baptized, now she is inactive. But the man wants to be baptized without marriage. Please include in your prayers, the Chambi Family and the Sosa family.
 I would have sent pictures, but I forgot the cable back at the pension and it takes about half an hour to an hour to get there and back.

 That is all we have for now. Hope to hear from you soon.

Love you all,

   Elder Whitworth

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