Monday, June 27, 2016

April 4, 2016

Okay, I love general conference, Especially president Uchtdorf and Elder Hollands' talks on being happy and how powerful it was. The ground shook beneath my feet and I knew the words he said were for me and immediately afterward an outpouring of the spirit came upon me and tears were greatly shed as a confirmation that all will be okay as long as I keep trying to be good and repent and show mercy to others. I felt as if he were speaking right to me and well no words to explain how I felt. The spirit was strongly felt this conference, my last general conference on the mission. WOW! Incredible to think that all was lost and now a sense of joy to call out to my Savior and he will come and rescue me. This conference I felt like I was rescued. No words can explain how I felt. Now I feel more motivated to keep trying and get back up again. What an incredible conference. 

            Monday I left on a colectivo or bus at 8:30 A.M. I recall feelings of sadness upon me. For I having only one transfer in Puerto Madryn and finding that I loved that area. I reflected over and over again the great moments I have had and seeing that I had a great time. Just remember the tears shed leaving and passing through Trelew and seeing the missionary I have trained, Elder Campopiano. It was such a joy to see him. Then they hurried us onto the colectivo and I realized my ticket had disappeared. and well I remember praying and looking yet it was nowhere to be seen. I explained my situation and reluctantly, the bus driver let me on the bus. Then when we got to Comodoro. what fun seeing old friends in the mission and well joyful. What more can I say? However it l. The wait for the bus was not joyful, for it was a 4 hr wait with nothing to do other than eat. Well, needless to say, I ate a salami and mozzarella cheese sandwich, which I purchased from the terminal and I was filled. Needless to say it was extremely good. Then the bus finally came and after an argument to get our suitcases on, we left and were on our way. The ride was long  and tiring. We passed through Caleta Olivia at night and then other cities. The ride was long and boring until me and Elder Araujo started to talk in English. Turns out he wants to go to BYU-I too. He knows really good English. Plus, he has been to the states a few times. Added to that, he is from Brazil which is so cool. As we were speaking English  the couple seated behind us started to speak English in British accent, so we asked where are they from. They said they were from Great Britain and we spoke and learned they are traveling around the world to learn, and it was cool. It was a long chat and it will take forever if I try to explain. Then, after talking for an exceedingly long time, we went to sleep. We rested until we heard the conductor shout, "Rio Gallegos!" 
               The time was 5:30 A.M.Tuesday morning and a terrible cold air came upon us with our coats on while waiting inside the terminal. Then, finally, around 6:15ish, the zone leader came along with my dear friend Elder Applegate and Elder Foster from the office and oh what a reunion we had... Then my companion showed up and we went towards our pension.  I unpacked and showered. Thank heavens for a good shower!!! Then we left to go to lunch and then went to meet the members visiting and they are incredible. Then I went to visit a recent converts house of about 1 year and, well, to my amazement, he was about to have family home evening ;) what a joy! Once again, words cannot describe the spirit that was felt as we sang songs of the sacrament and talked about the Savior and his atonement and picked a verse and had to link it with the atonement. The spirit was felt strongly, no doubt in my mind. Then, as we departed, we planned a visit for today and then we went off.
             The next few days were all about visiting members and inviting them to invite a friend to this general conference. We made invitations and passed them out. When I was making invitations the lady of the ciber asked  where I was from and well the get to know you questions and I explained about my family and well what I do as a missionary. Then she asked if we know computers and I said, "maybe a little," and then she showed us things she needed help with, in which I helped her. 
The next day she asked if I could separate columns and things like that, since she is making business cards for someone else.  I helper and and then when all was done I invited her to general conference sadly, I did not see her. Then, we went on visiting members. It was cool. I got to use my computer abilities to help someone!!!!!!! visits, visits, more visits and well, seemed like nothing was going okay. And then conference and well the above explains my conference weekend. Then, today I woke up and made me a card and thought about how I have been a blessing in other peoples lives. Then I got a call from the office just to Sing Happy Birthday. Wow! just a great week! Well, I will start now with this courage I have and go strong to the end. 

By the way, the ticket I lost I found this morning inside my pillowcase. What good things are happening to me. It might just happen to be my birthday!!!! Oh wait... YES, it is my birthday!!!

Thanks again. Love you all.   Elder Whitworth

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