Monday, June 27, 2016

April 11, 2016


I am Elder Whitworth I am from Utah and I have 1 week in the mission...
What !!!!!! Where did the time go????  I am now 20 years old and have reached 20 months on the mission.
 with 4 months left! How crazy is that???? 
Anyway I hope by the pictures you see I had a great birthday!!!!
We headed off to subway!!!!
that was cool. If you are wondering what i ate it was a chicken cordon blue sandwich foot-long.
 It was with the zone. So fun. Seriously. We then went to church and played some soccer. Then we went to celebrate in the pension. Then we went to a noche de hogar with the  familia Pereyra, which was great. They made a me a biscochuelo cake. ( i have no idea how to say it so please bear with me)
 Then we went to the pension.
               Tuesday well it was crazy cause the assistants called the night before on my birthday and asked to do divisiones or exchanges. I was freaked out, but I accepted it. It was a great day cause my comp went with Elder Griffits and I went with Elder Derrick and together we found a lot of people. The first house we entered pretty much was a bible Bash from a mixed up catholic. Then just door after door after door slammed in our face. Then we knocked on one door.... and nothing.  Then we prayed and we felt impressed to go  along one street and we knocked .Her life was shattered: problems with family and just no words to explain. Well then we we met up at the pension and spoke of what we achieved. It was a successful day. We met Carina, Alejandro, and  Paola. We placed a baptismal date for the 14 of May on these people. Please pray that they can each follow through with their baptismal date.
        The next day we had problem with the freezer. Ice was all over it and we could not put anything in the freezer, so we put hot water on a cloth and tried to spread it out. It did not work. Then we just unplugged it and then left and waited for it to dissolve and well what more can I say? A huge spill of water in the fridge. Luckily not on the floor. What fun. Then for lunch as a district, we ate fried rice, which was good. Then we went and tried to visit people with no luck on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It was rough. However, it was a fun week, and abundant because meeting Paola she recently separated from her novio or pareja and she has 2 children to look over. We taught the importance of God in our lives and she wants to believe it is possible to overcome her pain and move on. Well, with that, she put her faith to accept a baptismal date. I really pray she can make it. Then Sunday we had church and I was asked to lead the music in sacrament and priesthood meetings. Sacrament meeting was okay, other than during the sacramental hymn, cause neither I nor the pianist knew the song, and the rhythym was  weird. Then, the rest it went well. We visited a less active family, the familia Soto and, well, they mainly wanted to talk to the branch president. That was prettymuch it. Thats all for the week. Not to mention the  package got there on monday. my birthday what a cute card and what!!!!!!!
have fun

greetings from the end of the world,

Elder Whitworth


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