Monday, January 12, 2015

Hiking In Tolhuin and Lake Fagñano

       Thanks so much for all that you do for me. I am glad to hear that they are going on missions. Send them my love and greetings. I love you all so very much.
         A miracle happened. We were in Tolhuin the other week and we had an asado and we then went on  a hike. We climbed a mountain to see the view the the Lago Fagñano. It was beautiful. Then we started going down the mountain and we had no idea where we were going. Then it started to get late. I will not say how late, but we were lost. Then my brilliant comp had the idea to pray. We were with a less active member and an investigator. When we prayed 20 minutes later, we were blessed to see the parking lot. Talk about answers to prayers.
        I hope all is well. Thanks for the Argentina Tie pin. and the calendar. I hope all is well in Utah. That is great Celine recieved her Patriarchal blessing. Yesterday we taught the class for primary. I was a little scared about it, then I remembered I can do it, and it went well. There was a kid with down syndrome and it reminded me of David Guerra. Share my love with him and the rest of the ward. It strengthened my testimony that God answers prayers . I love you all. May God bless you,  and I hope to hear from you.  

Elder Whitworth

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