Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Argentina just got better!!!

Okay here is what happened:

We were walking to a visit  on Costa Nera and they were not there.
We walked further down and found a beautiful view of the mar. It was really. neat. just to know that there is a sea nearby to visit if P-Day is boring which it has not yet .
We had Zone Conference in which President Rogers spoke on the importance of asking open questions. We had a few practices then moved on in the lesson. Then when Conference was over we had English class Then Noche De Hogar.
 Then Saturday was the Branch Mother´s Day Activity. It was good. There was asado cooked by fire. and We the missionaries sang a song for the mothers in the branch. Then it was time to go.
 Sunday We went to church and again. We, the missionaries got to sing a song for the mothers in Sacrament meeting. We sang the primary song where love is. Then after the meetings We got to eat the leftovers of the Asado and Chicken for lunch. Then we ate and then left then came back for Mission Preparation Class. That is how the week went.
 Hope things are well. If you did not see the pictures and Video from Brother Maldonado,  It is on the site. The kid's name is Leoñ It is cute because he says his name is Ai Ching so he says, "Yo Ai Ching." It is so cute. We have family home evening planned with them hope all goes well. Happy Mothers Day to those who are from Argentina and to you too. may you have a great day love you all. Greetings to the ward from the End of the World.

Love you all

Elder Whitworth

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