Monday, August 1, 2016

Jul 4, 2016

Happy Birthday America!!!! Happy fourth of july!!! anyway well this week was awesome. starts with eating sushi in argentina. on p-day- that was fun. and weird. anyway then we ate ice cream at grido cool. the  highlight of the week was the baptism of the hermanas. we had a musical number we practiced and we sang in part I sang tenor. and well words can not explain how strong the spirit was felt. then we visited this less active and well he is praying for his  problem. i have no way to explain, and to make it more cool, yesterday we visited the less active and he showed us the cool stuff of his mission: videocassettes, memorized lessons, folletos, agendas, and newsletters. Then we prayed with him and see he is really trying to improve. He wants to get back the truth. He had a divorce and it really hurt him the many things she did to him, so he is progressing. Anyways, another family we visited and they were hurt for their family that the daughters chose to get off this straight and narrow path and well again we invited them to paray and could feel this strong spirit there. No words can describe the joy I feel, and the excitement that I feel when this member reactivates himself.  
There is power in prayer the gospel is true.
 Love you all 

Elder Whitworth




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