Monday, August 1, 2016

August 1, 2016

Thanks so much . I am so excited to see you all on Wednesday hope that you have a prayer in heart praying for the safe arrival of your son.
may the lord bless each and every one of us.
I love the lord´s work and am grateful for the opportunity i have had  to serve him.
this is the lord´s work i am grateful i was and still am worthy to respond to the call to serve him.
  i will  have the special privilege to pass through the temple  en Buenos Aires and what a joy I have to know that is the lord´s house.
if( you can along with my friends and family that can ) .   before I come go to the temple and pray that the spirit may accompany us as we enjoy this moment to be able to see each other as we reunite after two years of being apart.  i hope that Elder Garcia can come. If not it's okay. I love my savior and have a mixture of feeling sadness  for the family here that I will leave along  with tears of joy of the great sons and daughters of god that I helped bring back along with joy that I will see my family that I left 2 years ago to serve my lord and king.
 no words explain the feelings that I am feeling sadness of what I leave at the same time joy to see my family. However I fear not the future.  For I truly know the Lord lives and loves us all and will always help us accomplish what he wants of us.

 We need to be sincere when we pray. I learned this week the true importance of being sincere when we pray.
I like how Elder Richard G. Scott stated it: "when we pray, read, or go to church,  pray,  read, or go to church  because we want to, not because we have to." So many times I felt I was praying just as a routine cause I have to. Now I think differently. I see it more important to express gratitude and then ask the Lord to tell us what he desires that we ask him and ask for the blessings of others. But there is a difference I have noticed now that I look forward to pray rather than see it as a chore or responsibility. And as I do I feel I truly am communicating with the lord. It is hard work but it is well worth it. The Lords says ask in faith many times we need to trust.  If we do not ask the Lord to help us trust and believe and we truly will receive. I have a testimony that the Lord hears and answers prayers. Maybe he takes time, but he hears and answers our prayers. I know God lives and loves us. May the Lord Bless us all to better pray with faith and help us trust him.
Prayers are always answered we just need to believe he will answer us. He will. I have seen it in my life we need to show our heavenly father we trust him and he will work wonders in our lives.
Elder Scott says, "children of God can do wonders when they feel trusted now we speak of the lord having all power and all knowldege our father who can do all things we just need to show we trust him. we do this as we pray with more sincerity asking for the blessing of others , and praying to recieve guidance from the holy ghost, expressing gratitude for the blessings which he has given us as well as asking things in the name of Jesus Christ. All this with an atitude of doing it because we want to not because we have to. We need to trust him and do our part keep the commandments and covenants  all because in our heart we feel we want to not because we have to.  When we forgive others ourselves, do we do so again because we want to? " That is a good question to ask. Am I doing this because I have to or because I want to?  That is what it means to give the lord a willing heart and a willing mind or broken heart and contrite spirit or give our will to God. It is all part of humility, which I am striving to improve on day by day.  I pray that the lord may bless us to have a better and stronger family and stronger faith and trust in him for he can do all things. May we trust him and always remember him. That we may ask this question: Am I doing this because I have to, or because I want to?  We will. I can promise you that as the Lords representative that we will feel the spirit stronger in our lives and we will be able to recognize the spirit. We will be able to develop a more sure and stronger faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and, if it is according to the will of the Lord,  reach our goals. I promise that we will draw nearer to the Savior as well as strive to trust each other, even ones we find hard to trust because it is a sign of pride if we choose not to trust. we will be a stronger family and really exercise true faith in Jesus Christ the lord desires to bless us
I know the lord loves us with an infinite love that we can barely imagine.
 We are all divine spirit children of our father in heaven. Jesus Christ IS the savior of the world.
I know this is the Lord´s work. The Book of Mormon is the word of God
Joseph smith saw God the father and his son Jesus Christ in a grove of trees in 1820.
This is the Lord's true church and the only true church upon the face of the earth.
This church is led today by a living prophet called by God. I Know that I have been called by God  to serve here in the Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia mission.
I have been called by a prophet of God.
 God has chosen president Thomas S Monson as his prophet . I know that to be true.
I know the priesthood is Gods sacred power to help all his children remember him. I know it he live my redeemer lives he suffered all the pains and sicknesses of all people that we can be reclaimed. he loves us i know for sure that god truly truly truly loves us with all his heart. may god bless each and every one of us be better and develop a stronger faith and trust in him. that we may do what he wants of us and that we may trust him i pray in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

Love You all
Love   a  representative of Jesus Chist called to serve him here in the Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia mission

 Elder RIchard  Whitworth

`` Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life``

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