Monday, November 17, 2014

Rio Grande Argentina

I went to Ushaia for a conference with Elder D. Todd Christofferson. it was so spiritual. we got some pictures with him. Included is a Picture of our group of missionaries between Rio Grande and Ushaia.
I know the lord called them to be special witnesses. I hope all is well. I send my love to you. My Companion Elder Sanchez had his shoes break and I need shoes. I have the boots and one pair of shoes. Stuff here is very expensive and so our money assigned to us for a month goes by really fast. Yesterday we taught a lesson to a nine year old girl named Mira and invited her to be baptized the 29 of this month She accepted it. I know God sees us in our trials. Send my greetings to those in the ward. I love you all so very much. Recently they are going to remodel our chapel so we will have the happy opportunity to walk one hour to get to the Chapel in Chacra. 

Love you all 

Elder Whitworth 

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